Bosch Universal Plus Tips

Know Your Bosch Universal Plus

Getting started:
-Wash everything first.  Put mixing bowl in place and turn counter clockwise until it drops into place.  Either put the dough hook or the whip driver (with whips or cookie paddles).  
-For folding or stirring ingredients use the “M” momentary setting.
-The splash ring cover prevents splatters when the machine is turned on and also prevents accidental contact with the 
moving dough hook, whips or paddles.

-The blender is great for mixing liquids, pureeing fruit, vegetables, baby food chopping fruit, vegetables,bosch universal plus blender tipsnuts, or bread  crumbs and for making mayonnaise, sauces and frozen drinks.  
-When using the blender make sure the blades are in tight.  Turn clockwise to loosen and counter clockwise to tighten.  
-Replace blender gasket once a year.
-As a safety feature, blender lid must be locked in place before blender will operate.  
-Use your blender to crack grains such as wheat and corn.  Crack in 1 cup quantities.  Add grain to blender, jog “M” (momentary) switch until you get desired consistency.
-When blending any frozen drinks, always jog “M” (momentary) switch to unlock blade assembly after ingredients have been added.
-When crushing ice, start with empty blender.  Turn immediately to Speed 4.  Add ice until desired quantity and texture is reached.
-To adjust consistency of frozen drinks, add liquid to thin mixture or ice to thicken.   
-If using frozen bananas in drinks, make sure it is cut into pieces before freezing.  Never try to blend a whole frozen banana.
-Make sure your blender is completely clean and dry before making mayonnaise or it won’t thicken.
-Bread crumbs or crackers can easily be crushed using the blender. 
-Do not leave liquids sitting in the blender.  They can damage parts of the blade assembly and allow leakage.  
-For best results, blend 4-5 cups of liquids or ½ cup of dry foods (such as nuts).  With hot or frothy liquids, blend no more than 4 cups

Wire Whips:
-To shred chicken easily for pizza or barbeque sandwiches, put fully cooked warm or hot chicken breasts in Bosch bowl with wire whips.  Turn on speed 3 and shred until desired consistency. Should take about 10 french whips  NEVER USE COLD CHICKEN
-Because of the triple whipping action of the Bosch, you can whip as little as 1 egg white into almost a cup of meringue.
-Because of the superior whipping power of a Bosch kitchen machine, mix batter from a cake mix for 30 seconds on speed 1.
-Never cream or whip frozen butter.  The Bosch motor is so strong cookie paddles or wire whips may break if resistance is too great.
-For light mashed potatoes put cookie paddles or wire whips in Bosch bowl.  Add fully cooked, drained potatoes, melted butter, warm milk, salt and pepper.  Jog “M” (momentary) for a few seconds to break down.  Then whip on speed 2 or 3 until desired consistency is achieved. 

Dough Hook / Bread making 
-Never measure flour in a Bosch mixer.  Quantity of flour in yeast bread is meant as a guide.  Amount of flour used will vary, and be affected by, humidity, temperature, altitude and differences in crop of grain used. bosch universal plus dough hook
-Using an instant read bread thermometer is very helpful in determining when bread is done.  White bread is done when internal temperature is 180°.  Wheat bread is done at 200°.  
-If bread cracks on the sides too much dough for size of the pan has been used or dough has not risen long enough.  Fill pans 2/3 full.  Let dough rise 2” above top of pan.  
-To determine if bread has been kneaded enough, remove a small piece of dough, about the size of a small egg.  Hold up and carefully stretch thin enough to make window.  When dough is properly developed, it will be smooth, stretchy, and light should pass through it.  If dough breaks, continue kneading.  
-Baked goods can be frozen immediately to help retain freshness.  You can freeze for about 3-4 weeks without losing texture.  Frost free freezers tend to pull moisture from frozen food so make sure food is packaged in airtight container or heavy duty freezer bag.  
-To quickly rise bread or rolls, preheat oven to 200°.  Turn off oven.  With door ajar let bread rise 20-30 minutes.  -Note that bread risen this way will be light and airy on top and dense on the bottom.
-Rapid rise or instant yeasts are fast acting and may be added with dry ingredients.  Instant yeast does not need to be proofed. 
-Score or slash top of bread just below surface (about ¼ inch deep) before rising with single edge knife or baker’s blade.  This allows bread to rise and expand evenly.  It also prevents it from drooping over sides of pan.   
-For light, moist and more flavorful bread, use sponging method.  After first adding ingredients (except salt and final flour), jog “M” (momentary) switch several times to mix.  Let sit or “sponge” 15-30 minutes.  Then proceed with recipe.
-When shaping and rolling dough it is extremely important not to add additional flour to work surface.  Use only oil on your hands when shaping dough.  
-When rising dough, to test if it has doubled in bulk, press finger lightly and quickly into dough.  If indentation springs back, let rise additional time.  If indentation remains or comes back slowly dough has risen enough. 
-Use dental floss or fishing line to easily cut dough for sweet rolls.
-When a recipe calls for oil and honey, put oil in measuring container first and then honey.  This allows honey to slide out easier.