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Hometech BOSCH Universal Mixer Canada

360 Easy Spin Mop (comes with 2 mop heads)

Product Benefits

  • Automatic mop cleaner, requires no battery, no electricity and no messy-peddles.
  • Specially designed spin system uses centrifugal force to squeeze out all the excess water so that   your floors dry faster and without drips or streaks.
  • The Super-large, 360 degree rotating mop head allows you to cover more surface area and reach   those difficult corners with ease. 
  • Dual function cleaning : power rinse & power dry
  • Ultra-absorbent high quality , machine washable micro fibre absorbs up to 6 times the moisture of    a traditional cotton mop.
  • Auto-dehydration bucket, twist water without your hands
  • Hands free/ Touch-less cleaning / No bending down / No dirty water on your hands.
  • Safe on all types of hard flooring, it soaks up big spills and shifts stubborn scuff marks in seconds
  • When used dry, it attracts dust and dirt particles like a magnet, maneuvering effortlessly around   and under furniture.
  • Mop head spins 360 degress, easily capturing dirts
  • No Water leakage during the cleaning or squeezing.
  • Quick spin- out of dirt, grime & water, dry floor after mopping.
  • Can clean up-to 4ft below the table or bed.
  • Durable long life, rod is made of stainless steel and cover with durable plastic.

Features :

Strong external body: Made of High quality Plastic.

Bucket Handle: Handle of the bucket is strong and thick.

Anti Skid: External cover at bottom prevent sketches and rubbing.

Automatic Adjustable Rod: During Cleaning rod bend and adjustable.

Water dropping protection: Special provision of water drop out. Cover with special protection wall from water dropping during spin.

Detergent Storage: Provision o detergent storage liquid as well as powder.