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This attachment will allow you to make sheets of pasta dough in various thicknesses. These sheets can be used for lasagna, or making filled pasta. Serving homemade pasta makes a good impression during any dinner. The taste and texture provide a wonderful experience for the palate — and it is so much easier to make than you think!

The Lasagna roller makes pasta sheets 145 mm wide and a thickness of 0.6 mm up to 4.8 mm. Using them you can easily make everything from lasagna, ravioli, and tortellini to spaghetti — and all there is in between. The sheets is also perfect to make Fettuccine or Spaghetti of in one of our other pasta attachments. You must first have a sheet of pasta dough to be able to use the Spaghetti Cutter or Fettuccine Cutter Attachments. Make your own lasagna!

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