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NEW MODEL | Bunn 10-cup Coffee Maker | Heat & Brew


Most typical drip coffee makers heat the water at an inconsistent temperature and then slowly "burp" or "spit" the water over the grounds. The result is often bitter tasting coffee.

What makes this 10-cup programmable coffee maker unique is the professional grade Heat & Release Technology™. The Heat N' Brew uses a digital thermometer to precisely measure water to the ideal brewing temperature (between 197.6ºF and 204.8ºF). Only once the water has reached the ideal temperature is it then released over the grounds. The commercial style, lime-tolerant 6-stream sprayhead is designed to shower the grounds for maximum turbulence- the effective interaction of hot water and coffee grounds. The coffee maker maintains the ideal contact time between the water and coffee grounds for proper extraction



Only coffeemakers that pass rigorous testing receive Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certification.

The BUNN 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker features professional grade Heat & Release Technology to meet those standards and deliver the best tasting coffee at home every day... in just two stages.