Gasket Seal for Stovetop Espresso Makers 9 cup Set of 3


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This high-quality 57mm replacement filter is the ideal solution for reviving your favorite stove-top coffee espresso maker and getting that rich, smooth taste you've been craving.

Designed to fit a variety of 3 cup espresso makers, including Bialetti Moka Express, Bialetti Dama, Bialetti Flammetta, Bialetti Break, and Bialetti Alpina, this espresso filter ensures compatibility and seamless integration with your existing kitchen appliance.

Measuring 2.25" (57mm) in diameter, the Univen Espresso Filter is made from premium materials that not only provide durability but also contribute to better-tasting coffee. This replacement filter ensures that your coffee is brewed to perfection, extracting the full flavor and aroma from your favorite coffee beans.

This will be sent out in an uninsured padded envelope.  If you would like to have it insured, please call 1-888-692-6724

Experience the difference it can make in your daily coffee ritual. Elevate your morning routine and rediscover your love for rich, delicious espresso with the help of this reliable and high-quality espresso filter. Don't wait another day to revive your cherished stove top espresso maker - get the Univen Espresso Filter today and savor the taste of perfectly brewed coffee in every cup.

  • Fits Bialetti Moka Express, Dama, Flammetta, Break, Alpina and other 3 cup espresso makers.
  • Measures 2.25" (57mm) in diameter.
  • Easy to install and compatible with various models.
  • Enhances coffee taste and quality.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Eco-friendly alternative to paper filters.
  • Upgrade your morning coffee experience.
  • Perfect for 3 cup aluminum stove top espresso makers.
  • Optimal performance for smoother coffee.
  • Makes a great gift for coffee enthusiasts.

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