Delonghi O-Ring ES0071881 -

Product Information

OEM Delonghi O-Ring /Seal/ Gasket

Package of 2

Suitable for use in coffee & espresso makers/ machines
Brands : Nespresso & Delonghi

Ring Thickness 1.9 Mm - Internal Ø 3.4 Mm

This product will ship out uninsured in an envelope.  If you would like it sent out with insurance please call 1-888-692-6724  as there are additional charges for this.

Compatible with the following models:
DELONGHI Citiz En166.C, En165.B Citiz, En165.Cw Citiz, En165.Y Citiz, En166 Citiz, En166.B, En166.Cw, En167.B Citiz Facelift, En167.W Citiz Facelift, En167b Citiz Facelift, En167c Citiz Facelift, En167w Citiz Facelift, En180.R Nespresso, En185.Db, En185.M Nespresso, En190.B, En190.B Black Nespresso, En190.B Nespresso Black, En190.R Nespresso, En191.C Nespresso, En191.C Nespresso Chrome, En265.Bae Citiz & Milk, En265.Cwae Citiz & Milk, En266 Citiz.Bae, En266.Bae Citiz, En266.Bae Citiz New Aeroccino 3, En266.Citiz Cwae, En266.Cwae Citiz, En267.Bae Citiz Facelift&Milk, En267.Wae Citiz Facelift&Milk, En267bae Citiz Facelift&Milk, En267cae Citiz Facelift&Milk, En290.M, En290.M Nespresso, En290.M Nespresso Metal, En325.B Citiz &Co, En450.Cw Maestria, En470.Sae Gran Maestria, En90.A Nespresso, En90.F Nespresso, En90.G Nespresso, En90.M Nespresso, En90.O Nespresso, En90.R Nespresso, En95.Gy, En95.Gy Nespresso, En95.M Nespresso, En95.P Nespresso, En95.R Ex-1 Nespresso, En95.R Nespresso, En95.Rd Nespresso, En95.S Ex-1 Nespresso, En95.S Nespresso, En95.W Nespresso, Essenza En97, Essenza En97.W, Essenza En97.Wae New Aeroccino 3

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