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Hometech BOSCH Universal Mixer Canada

Nutrimill Classic Grain Our best selling grain Mill!

Quietest Mill on the Market! Advanced technology includes: Improved texture control, stronger milling heads, unique Force Flow sound/air chamber design which results in 50% noise reduction & improved motor cooling


  • Grain Hopper Extension to increase capacity
  • Air Filter
  • Separato Cup


          Large 20 cup bowl capacity, 12 cups of Red milling wheat gives you 20 cups of flour!

  • Variable, high speed mill and texture control
  • Stainless steel Microburst™ milling heads w/pre-cracker
  • Self cleaning milling chamber - easy to use
  • Multi-Channel air flow. Cool milling extends motor life
  • 1 to 1 milling ratio(1 hopper of grain = 1 bowl of flour)
  • Easy grip bowl, lid and control knobs
  • Compact storage
  • Precision grain feed control
  • NO gumming, NO overheating, NO jamming, NO hassle
  • Ultra quick - mills 20 cups in 5 minutes
  • CSA Listed for both US & Canada
  • BPA Free


Eating whole grains on a regular basis helps prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attacks and clogged arteries