Philips Shaver Replacement Heads HQ56 HQ55 HQ3 HQ4 series HQ5 Set of 3 Genuine made by Philips/Norelco

Product Information

Philips shaver cutters sold & shipped from Canada.   

Keep a close shave.  Within two years your shaver heads cut 9 million hairs on your face. Replace the shaver heads and get back to 100% performance

This is for older shavers.  These are original Philips or Norelco blades not a no-name.  They come from the Neatherlands

This is the replacement head for MODELS:

Philips or Norelco OEM
HQ6990, HQ6970, HQ6950, HQ6942
HQ6941, HQ6940, HQ6920, HQ6900
HQ6879, HQ6874, HQ6868, HQ6863
HQ6861, HQ6859, HQ6857, HQ6855
HQ6854, HQ6853, HQ6849, HQ6844
HQ6843, HQ6842, HQ6831, HQ6696
HQ6695, HQ6676, HQ6675, HQ6646
HQ6645, HQ6640, HQ6616, HQ6613
HQ6610, HQ6605, HQ6445, HQ6423
HQ6415, HQ6405, HQ5824, HQ5823
HQ5820, HQ5817, HQ5813, HQ5812
HQ5625, HQ5430, HQ5426, HQ5413


Philishave Micro Action:
HQ4890, HQ4885, HQ4870, HQ4866
HQ4865, HQ4861, HQ4856, HQ4851
HQ4850, HQ4847, HQ4846, HQ4845
HQ4830, HQ4826, HQ4825, HQ4821
HQ4819, HQ4810, HQ4807, HQ4806
HQ4805, HQ4800, HQ4630, HQ4625
HQ4610, HQ4609, HQ4608, HQ4607
HQ4606, HQ4601, HQ4445, HQ4441
HQ4425, HQ4421, HQ4411, HQ4407
HQ4406, HQ4405, HQ4401, HS990
HS985, HS970, HS965, HS930, HS920
HS915, HS890, HS885 hq9000, hq64, hq66, hq68, hq69


Philishave Micro Action:
HQ3870, HQ3865, HQ3860, HQ3845
HQ3830, HQ3810, HQ3805, HQ3610
HQ3605, HQ3445, HQ3425, HS980
HS975, HS955, HS950, HS925
HS905, HS900, HS896, HS895
HS875, HS860, HS850, HS840
HS825, HS820, HS805, HS800
HS765, HS755, HS715, HS709
HS708, HS706, HS705, HS704
HS703, HS702, HP1700, HP1608
HP1607, HP1606, HP1605, HP1604
HP1602, HP1601, HP1339, HP1338
HP1337, HP1336, HP1335, HP1328
HP1327, HP1319, HP1318



Made in Netherlands 

In stock and ready for shipping

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