Philips Shaver Replacement Head HQ6/42 Canada Set of 3 -

Product Information

This is the replacement head for MODELS:

Quadra Action:
HQ7886, HQ7885, HQ7870, HQ7868
HQ7867, HQ7866, HQ7865, HQ7864
HQ7850, HQ7845, HQ7830, HQ7829
HQ7825, HQ7821, HQ7820, HQ7817
HQ7816, HQ7815, HQ7814, HQ7617
HQ7816, HQ7615, HQ7415, HQ7405
HQ6894, HQ6893, HQ6890, HQ6889
HQ6888, HQ6885, HQ6871, HQ6870
HQ6867, HQ6865, HQ6852, HQ6851
HQ6850, HQ6848, HQ6847, HQ6846
HQ6845, HQ6832, HQ6830, HQ6828
HQ6827, HQ6825, HQ6466, HQ6465
HQ6426, HQ6425, HQ686, HQ665
HQ664, HQ663, HQ662, HQ642

Made in Netherlands 

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