Power wheels motor 00968-2713 19t


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Available & shipped from Canada

This product will fit the following Power Wheels rides listed below & more

BCK89 Girls Dune Racer

BCV57 TMNT Dune Racer

BCV59 Boys Dune Racer

CBC58 Camo Dune Racer

CBK89 Dune Racer

CBP84 Camo Dune Racer

CDD16 Dune Racer Chrome

CDD20 Kawasaki Brute Force

CDF54 Ford F150 Extreme Sport

CDF93 Dune Racer Orange (WM)

CFG09 HW Dune Racer

CHP66 Baja Extreme

DMM94 Ford F150 Raptor

FDG13 Jeep Hurricane

FJJ63 Ford F150 Raptor

FJJ63 Ford F150 Raptor

P4266 Stinger

R8126 Brute Force

R8548 Brute Force Camo (Bass Pro)

W2602 Dune Racer

W6201 HW Dune Racer

W6204 HW Dune Racer

X6645 Jeep Hurricane

X6646 Brute Force Diagram

Y6239 Jeep Hurricane (TRU)

Y6533 Dune Racer WMT

Y9367 Barbie Dune Racer

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