Cookie Paddles with Metal Drive for Bosch Universal Mixers MUZ6CP2

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Designed for medium to thick batters & cookie dough.  For stiff cookie dough or when adding multiple heavy ingredients such as fruit, nuts, and candy, switch to the dough hook after creaming the butter. For very large batches of cookies (15+ dozen), switch to the dough hook before adding flour. 

Plastic Cookie Paddles are dishwasher safe. The metal driver is hand-wash only. It will discolor with dishwasher use.

  • Includes set of 2 Paddles & 1 metal drive
  • Fits both BOSCH Universal, Universal Plus & Nutrimill Artiste Mixers
  • Cookie Paddles must be used with Metal Drive, do not use with plastic drive.
  • If you already have a metal whip driver, get MUZ6CP1 
  • Paddles are dishwasher safe, however metal driver is hand-wash only
  • Made by Nutrimill
  • BPA Free
  • 1 Year Warranty

We are a family-run small business located in Canada, for more information give us a call 1-800-692-6724

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