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Transform food waste into nutrient-rich soil fertilizer with the revolutionary Vitamix Food Cycler! It requires no water, worms, ventilation, or draining. Cleanup is a breeze with its dishwasher-safe basket. The Food Cycler mulches and heats scraps to break them down quickly and sterilize the compost. Plus, it's scientifically proven to create soil fertilizer in as little as three hours! It has a 2L capacity for most food remnants including chicken bones, reducing waste by up to 90%. It can be placed and stored anywhere with power and is easy to operate with a 4–8-hour processing time. With a 3 Year Limited Warranty, there's no better way to save money and the environment!

Odorless: The Food Cycler system utilizes a specialized formula of activated carbon to keep odors from your food waste confined, keeping your space free of any lingering scent.

Easy to Use: A solution to food waste is as easy as the push of a button, creating a safe and natural soil or lawn additive with ease. 

Three-Hour Cycle: Converts the scraps from dinner into a powerful, natural fertilizer for your garden before it's time to go to bed.

Save Money:  Instead of watching food go to waste, transform it into an enriching soil supplement for your garden. Use what you don't eat to cultivate something amazing!

Fits Anywhere: Lightweight, odorless, and small enough to fit anywhere, the Food Cycler is an effective and discreet solution for any home.

Energy Efficient: The Food Cycler uses sensors for optimal, energy-saving efficiency, demonstrating our eco-commitment.

Replacement Carbon Filters Available Here

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 31.75 x 27.94 x 36 cm

Electrical Ratings: 120V, 60Hz 500 W

Capacity: 10.5 cups/2.5 litres

Material: ABS Plastic Shell Cast, Aluminum Bucket

Cord: 5.08 cm

SKU: 068051

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