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ALFI® Bread Scorer is an outstanding baker’s tool that effortlessly and consistently ensures the proper rising of the dough in the oven.

Unlike its predecessor—(an inconsistent and pricey tool called a “lame”), the Alfi bread scorer requires minimal training, guesswork, or learning-curve, and eliminates costly time-consuming errors. They are used in artisan bakeries and bakery chains worldwide for optimal baking efficiency.

It is quite simply the most effective, economical, and effortless scoring solution for baking available. NSF Approved.

It is ergonomically designed with a specially coated blade that minimizes dragging or pulling. You get the perfect score, every time!

The ALFI Bread Scorer comes in six colors, green, orange, yellow, white, light blue, and brown.  If you want a specific colour/color please request it at checkout.  We will try to give you the color/colour you request, if not available we will send what we have.

The Bread Scorer is also great for cutting corrugated boxes without damaging the contents (the blade is pre-set to the depth of a corrugated box), as well as arts & crafts, gardening, etc.

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