Flour Sifter Attachment for Bosch Universal Plus & Nutrimill Artiste Mixers


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The Flour Sifter attachment helps you cut time in the kitchen while helping to create baked goods with a light and fluffy texture. This powerful sifter can be used to sift whole grain flour into fine pastry flour for cakes, desserts, and delicate pastries. Plus, the sifter will seamlessly blend ingredients together for “smooth as silk” cakes and bread.

  • 8 cup Bowl with Fine Mesh Screen
  • Cover Lid
  • Sifter Arm

The Flour Sifter attachment simply attaches to the power hub of your mixer. Place whole grain flour into the sifter, and secure it in place. Within moments, it will have transformed your flour into fine pastry flour that you can use for baking pastries, desserts, and other tasty treats.

Additional Information:

8 Cups Capacity

1 Year Warranty

Hand Wash All Flour Sifter Components

BPA free

Compatible with Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, Universal Classic Mixer & the Nutrimill Artiste.

Weight: 7 lbs

Dimensions: 13 × 13 × 7 in


Now you can use freshly milled whole wheat flour for pastries or cakes!  

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