Bunn Spray Head Assembly - 5 hole - Stainless Steel - 01082.0004


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Genuine OEM Replacement Part

Replace the broken part in your Bunn coffee maker for even distribution of water over your grounds — ensuring the perfect cup every time!

Compatible with the following Bunn models: C, CDBCF, Combo, CRT5, CRTF5, CT, CTF, CW15, CWA, CWAPS, CWT, CWT15, CWT35, CWTA, CWTF, CWTF15, CWTF20, CWTF35, CWTFA, CWTS, CWTSR, Dual SH DBC, GMB-PS, ITB, ITCB, OL, OT, RL, RL35, RT, RT35, S, SA, Single CD, Single CDF, Single CW, Single CWTF, Single SH DBC, ST, ST-20, ST35, STA, STF, STF-20, STFA, SmartWAVE, T3, T3A, T6, T6A, TB-3, TB3Q, TB6, TB6Q, TNT-3, TNTF-3, TU-5, TU3, TU3Q, TU5Q, TW, TWF, TWF-15, TWIN-APS, TWIN-TC, VLPF, VP17, VPR, VPS

This will be sent out in an uninsured padded envelope.  If you would like to have it insured, please call 1-888-692-6724

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