Bunn Spray Head Assembly - 6 hole - Stainless Steel - 01082.0000


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Genuine OEM Replacement Part

Replaces the damaged component on your existing Bunn coffee brewer to ensure you maintain an even distribution of water over top of your coffee grounds.

Compatible with the following Bunn models: C, CDBCF, Combo, CRT5, CRTF5, CT, CTF, CW15, CWA, CWAPS, CWT, CWT15, CWT35, CWTA, CWTF, CWTF15, CWTF20, CWTF35, CWTFA, CWTS, CWTSR, Dual SH DBC, GMB-PS, ITB, ITCB, OL, OT, RL, RL35, RT, RT35, S, SA, Single CD, Single CDF, Single CW, Single CWTF, Single SH DBC, ST, ST-20, ST35, STA, STF, STF-20, STFA, SmartWAVE, T3, T3A, T6, T6A, TB-3, TB3Q, TB6, TB6Q, TNT-3, TNTF-3, TU-5, TU3, TU3Q, TU5Q, TW, TWF, TWF-15, TWIN-APS, TWIN-TC, VLPF, VP17, VPR, VPS

This will be sent out in an uninsured padded envelope.  If you would like to have it insured, please call 1-888-692-6724

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