Delonghi EcoDecalk Descaler for Coffee Machines, 16.90oz DLC500 AS00006178

Product Information

Delonghi EcoDecalk Descaler defends your coffee machine from calcium and limescale accumulation - granting a longer, superior espresso life! Enjoy the Italian-made formula today!

  • Reduces the likelihood of premature breakdown
  • Improves coffee taste
  • Increases the energy efficiency
  • Reduces hard water scale build-up 
  • Made with 100% lactic acid
  • Suitable for all espresso/coffee machines.
  • Keeps machine running smoothly
  • 500ml bottle contains 5 pre-measured doses
  • Made of 50% recycled plastic & eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients

If you want to keep your coffee tasting delicious and want to make sure your espresso maker has a long life span, then be sure to use our eco-friendly descaler regularly.

Easy-to-use instructions:

Pour one portion of DeLonghi Descaler in your machine's water tank and flush it through the machine until the water comes out clear.

SKU: 5513296041  AS00006178

Quantity: One Package (will work for 4 descales)
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