Tru Earth | Stainless Steel Straws - Set of 4 with 2 Brush Cleaners

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  •  ECO-FRIENDLY: Opt for Tru Earth reusable straws to take pride in your contribution to keeping single-use plastics away from rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: Say goodbye to flimsy paper or cardboard straws that deteriorate quickly and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. These stainless steel straws are built to last, dishwasher-safe, and maintain their quality even after multiple uses.
  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Every set includes two brushes that simplify cleaning, especially while you're on the move. Bid farewell to worries about residue or buildup when you lack access to a sink.
  • EASY ON THE WALLET: Unlike many reusable straws with hefty price tags, our pack contains four straws. After all, isn't having four options considerably better than just one?

Don’t get stuck having to use wasteful, single-use plastic utensils ever again

Plastic cutlery was once seen as a convenient option to enjoy your favourite foods and beverages outside of the home. 

However, times have changed and we are now seeing the harmful effects that plastic cutlery is having on our environment. 

Each year billions of plastic forks, knives, spoons and straws are used and thrown away to be recycled. 

The problem is plastic cutlery can’t be properly recycled and as a result it takes thousands of years for it to break down.

Plastic cutlery isn’t safe for both wildlife and our environment and change is needed. 

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