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Product Description & Features


Vitamix's new food composter is the perfect fit for larger families.  With a 5-liter capacity you won't have left over food scraps waiting for the next cycle. The Eco 5 grinds food waste into a fine, dry powder and is more easily broken down when mixed with soil.

Large Capacity

The 5-liter bucket is twice the capacity of the first generation FoodCycler FC-50.

Refillable Filters

Filters in Eco 5 can be refilled with new carbon pellets, rather than being thrown away.


Reduces food waste to a fraction of its original volume overnight.


The Eco 5 is so compact it can be stored almost anywhere—on the counter, in the pantry, or in the garage.

Easy To Use

With the press of a button, the Eco 5 quickly cycles through 8 phases to turn food waste into plant food.

Odorless & Quiet

The refillable carbon filter and quiet cycles make the Eco 5 ideal for indoor use.

What comes in the box

  • FoodCycler by Vitamix Eco 5
  • Bucket & Lid
  • Refillable Filter
  • Carbon Refill
Available online only. In-store availability coming soon. For more information call us @ 1-888-692-6724

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