Bamix Aerator/Beater Blade (A) Accessory attaches to the shaft replacement


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 Beats egg white, cream, soufflés, and meringue.

People who are conscious of their diet can even make a diet whipped cream by whipping skimmed milk.

Beater Beats aerates, blends egg-white and cream. Perfect to whip up soups and sauces. For all food that needs to be light and fluffy.

Household: Liquid up to 5 L/sauce up to 2 L/egg whites up to 5 pcs/ cream up to 0.5 L Professional: Liquid up to 10 L/soup up to 15 L/sauce up to 3 L/ egg whites up to 10 pcs/cream up to 2 L

Gastro/ProLine: Liquid up to 30 L/soup up to 30 L/sauce up to 5 L/ egg whites up to15 pcs/cream up to 3 L 

Blend sauces (bechamel, hollandaise). Homogenizes shakes and desserts, zabaglione, or tiramisu. Emulsifies sauces, ideal for everything that should be light and fluffy.

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