Bamix G200 Gastro Pro-2 Immersion Blender NSF Canada Free Shipping

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Best price!   Professional NSF Rated with a Longer Shaft.  Available and shipped from Canada.

What's Included:

  • Bamix 200-watt Hand Blender
  • NSF Rated
  • Wall Holder
  • Multi-Purpose Blade
  • Whisk Blade
  • Beater Blade

A premium performance hand blender designed for professionals. Made in collaboration with professionals, the bamix® Expert is NSF-rated and durably built to handle the rigors of a commercial kitchen as well as the experienced at-home culinary artist. With 2 powerful speeds, aerating egg whites or crushing ice for fancy cocktails is made easy. The Expert provides the ultimate power and control to take your cooking to the next level and beyond.

A Million and One Uses

The interchangeable stainless steel blade system makes your bamix the "Swiss Knife" of your kitchen. The 3-dimensional design of the multi-purpose blade makes it more versatile than your typical immersion blender.

  • Blend your soups perfectly smooth right in the pot
  • Make light and fluffy sauces to enhance any dish
  • Puree berries and fruits for tasty jams or sorbets
  • Even chop ice for a refreshing drink or fancy cocktails.

Quickly add the flat beater blade to make complicated tasks simple:

  • Turn even skimmed milk into fluffy whipped cream
  • Make eggs into a fluffy meringue
  • Whip your own coffee frappe right at home
  • Top a cappuccino with beautiful milk forth in seconds.

Or use the one-of-a-kind whisk blade for even more possibilities:

  • Make a perfect mayonnaise in seconds
  • Blend eggs light a fluffy for an omelet
  • Create mashed potatoes effortlessly
  • Homemade salad dressings where you control the ingredients

Built to Last a Lifetime

We've been making Bamix hand blenders in Switzerland for over 60 years. Built with only the highest quality parts and ergonomic design, you can trust that the Gastro Pro-3 is up to the task of daily use. Plus, all bamix hand blenders are repairable, so you truly can use this kitchen wonder for a lifetime. And check our our full line of accessories to extend the use of your bamix for tons of kitchen tasks. A bamix is truly the perfect tool for every ambitious chef. No kitchen should be without one.


NSF Rated
200 W Heavy-Duty AC Motor
Soft Grip Safety Switch
Overall length: 15.5 inches
Immersion depth: 12.5 inches
Variable Speeds
Speed 1: 12,000 rpm
Speed 2: 17,000 rpm


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