Universal Bosch Drive Shaft Cross Pin 153031


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This pin has a diameter of 4mm. Both removing your old pin and installing this new pin require machine tool experience. The job also requires a hammer and a pin punch with a diameter slightly less than 4mm. Also required is a vise or other device to rest the drive shaft across while driving the old pin out, and the new one in. You may also want to have a second person to help hold the assembly steady while the old pin is driven out and the new one is driven in. If you lack the experience and/or tools for the replacement operation, you can still order the pin, and take it to someone who does this kind of work. Any small appliance repair shop will be able to do it.


Shipping Info: This part is very small and can be sent in an envelope for less shipping cost. However, an envelope is uninsured. If you would like us to send it uninsured leave a message when placing the order in 'Customer Message' or email us and we will refund $8.00 of the shipping cost. You can also place this order over the phone. 1-888-692-6724

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